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About Us

The plant has continued to implement management optimization, including automated production line and plant cleanliness to ensure conformity with regulation guidelines. We have continued to excellence and dedicated our efforts to providing consumers with Best Quality products worldwide.

Karam Food Pack - the Cling Film that has always been by your side. We have obtained the ISO22000:2005 and ISO9001:2015 certifications so product safety is assured.

We are a 2016 established company, delivering complete satisfaction to customers with our classic range of PVC Cling Film, Food Packing Films, Food Wrapping Film, Flexible PVC Cling Film and Food Grade Wrap Film. Our offered films are safe to use and come in light weight and heavy weight rolls of many kgs. They are easy to dispense and hygienically safe for purposes like wrapping, storing and covering food.

Our New Venture

Growth is important for a company and so is innovation and development of new items which is why we started our new venture of manufacturing PVC Cling Film in this year. This film is very thin. The common plastic wrapping film is 0.0005 inches thicker than cling film. This film is used in hotels, parties, restaurants and even in homes for packing all varieties, types and cuisines of food. Our new venture in this field is also to contribute substantially in the growth of food packing industry and to satisfy clients by giving them money-worthy film which keeps all food items fresh for a longer time period.

Our Facilities

As manufacturer, we have many responsibilities like maintaining quality in our PVC Cling Film and Food Grade Wrap Film. In order to well-maintain our responsibilities, we have built a large and spacious production and warehousing unit where production and storage related tasks take place. In our production facility, plastic extrusion machine and a variety of others are installed so that production takes place with speed.

Quality Packaging Products

At Karam Food Pack Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to quality production and delivery because it is quality which got us instant recognition in this competitive Indian Food Packing Industry. To maintain quality, we do everything required. A few examples of which are as follows:

  • Use of high grade PVC resin for production
  • Quality testing process on grounds of thickness and finish
  • Packing of film rolls in cardboard boxes.